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Game Development – Things you should know to make it large!!!

 Are you one of them who’s got a million-dollar idea about the next gen Mobile Game? But you are clueless and don’t know where to start from? Well this article will surely help.

Game development usually requires approvals of respective Application Stores (Play Store – Android, App Store - iPhone), and your app is judged mainly against the Software and Hardware specs set aside by them. Talking about the popular frameworks, Unity3D is the latest trend in gaming application development market, and we at STL Shiv Technolabs PVT.LTD. houses one the most versatile and talented 3D Game Developers in Ahmedabad.


Though you can hire an Application Development Company to do it on your behalf always, but if you want to do it by yourself, below are some pointers to get you started:

  • Knowledge of the SDKs (Software Development Kit) of respective OS along with a developer account with Google (for Android) or Apple (for iPhone).

  • Coding Language proficiency (for Android – mostly JAVA and other scripting languages, for Apple – mostly Objective C along with the newly launched Swift).

  • Testing and Debugging knowledge so that all the codes are tested, and all the workflows are verified before launch.


But what if you are not a Developer and still want to make your Game idea into reality?

Well this is a very common issue we encounter – many of our clients didn’t had a clue how to develop or which coding framework to use. But we at STL are committed to your requirements as we have the best set of 3D Game Developers in Ahmedabad, and we were successfully able to build their dreams into reality.



Reasons you should hire a professional Gaming Application Development company:


  • Gaming Industry is the next big thing, with AI coming along with it in future, it can make you fortunes. And you definitely will require a company which takes you achieve your goals.
  • It’s not always about the money, if you are passionate about your idea and just want to showcase it to the world, a good Gaming Application Development Company could surely help.
  • Games now days are part of Promotional and Marketing strategies, where any launch of a new business product or event can be celebrated by launching a game associated with it for better customer engagement.
  • Because of it's popularity, Games are widely used for Educational purposes. Many institutions are adopting the strategy of ‘learning with fun’ as it's a great way of conceptualizing. We have an expert panel of 2D and 3D Game Developers in Ahmedabad to cater all your needs.

Did you know 90% of Google play store’s revenue is generated through Games? If you are still thinking and need more help, just contact us and we will be happy to assist you in your query.