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Why Developing a Custom API or Web-Service is Good for your Mobile Application

APIs (or Application Programming Interfaces) and Web services are integral part of the backend technologies that are running the world of mobile applications. APIs and web-services both, though different at technological forefronts, serves the same purpose - becoming the medium of communication between different software programs over the internet. For common business owners, who might have hired a web-services developer in India, and know nothing about it - a very classical example of an API or web-services would be Google Maps integration into your ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact Us’ page/screen to display your address.
If you are a business owner wanting to get an application developed in the domain of e-Commerce, Transportation or simply Enterprise Planning, you must invest in a service provider company having the best API or web-services developers in India. Because if you want to stand out with your mobile application in this competitive market, you need to invest a good API development company in India who can innovate at ground levels of mobile application development.
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Some of the advantages of adapting to a web-service or an API are:
  • Faster Development Cycles: With popular open source APIs and web service programs available, development of basic and core modules becomes a piece of cake which could be taken care in no time.
  • Huge Scope for Innovation within the application: With more and more APIs available, there is a scope of developing more and new functionalities or modules within your existing mobile applications. For example, you can allow google’s search API within your application for your users to search for any keywords. This highly increases the usability within your application as it serves more than its purpose to its users. You can get such multi-utility application developed too, by hiring the right API development company in India.
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  • Customization and Personalization: Web-services or APIs can be integrated as it is within your application - or can be easily customized instead, according to your needs. For Example, the google maps API can either be used to display the nearby restaurants or can be used along with GPS as a navigation tool.
  • Cross Platform support: With APIs, integration and data flow across multiple platforms becomes very easy, which increases the reachability of your mobile application, and ultimately, helps you earn more business by more user engagement.
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