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Key Differences between SEO and SMO that you need to know

Digital marketing is all about visibility - the more your business is found in the online space, the more is your conversion rate. Popular modes of attaining such level of visibilities are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization), as these two strategies have been really helpful for many businesses these days.
But a very common question asked by any business owner looking to hire a SEO service provider company or wanting to invest in a SMO service provider in India is - what are the key differences between these two? Are both the same? Well, if you too are looking for the same answer, then this article is for you. We at Shiv Technolabs PVT. LTD., one of the fastest growing SEO service provider company of western India, have taken an initiative to spread awareness about same, and in order to comply to it, have prepared this exhaustive article. Read along.
SEO includes tools and techniques of online marketing which consists of strategically placing heavily searched keywords within the WebPages of a website, such that they appear more 'often' and have better visibility under SERP (Search Engine Result Page). The more optimized your webpage is based on the algorithms followed by popular search engInes, more are the chances of your webpage's link to appear under the top results. This strategy is ideal if you want to increase your site's traffic and increase the popularity and brand value of your business.
On the other hand, SMO consists of tools and techniques to promote web contents on social media platforms and web blogs, using images, videos, news links and other multimedia. Your primary intention when you invest in a SMO service provider in India, should be to gain subscribers/views/visits to your Facebook/YouTube/Digg/etc. pages, such that the product or idea that you want to sell as a business owner, has maximum visibility among your probable customers/clients.
The fundamental difference between SEO and SMO is - SEO is keyword driven approach, while SMO is all about creating fresh and creative content over the web space related to your product. SEO's success results can be analyzed by how your page is performing under the respective search pages, while SMO's success story can be seen by the amount of users getting engaged over social media pages.
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