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PPC - how it is advantageous over traditional marketing campaigns

PPC (Pay per click) is a internet marketing model where you ‘buy’ the visit to your sites, instead of organically earning the traffic. It is achieved by putting up relevant ‘ads’ or ‘display’ of links to your websites, most probably on search pages, so that your website’s content is highlighted every time for users, increasing the chances of them visiting your site(s).
There are many Digital Marketing agencies in India providing PPC services, where they mostly focus upon Google Advertising (AdWords), Bing Advertising, Facebook Ads, eCommerce Ads, and other relevant media. As the title suggests, PPC service is different than your traditional SEO approach to earn organic traffic and if you are still skeptical in investing in a PPC service provider in India and accepting it as your primary marketing campaign, we have compiled for you its advantages so that while working with any Digital marketing agency in India, you can properly channelize your thoughts and discuss the outputs based on below facts.
  • Fast: If we compare PPC campaigns with the conventional SEO campaigns, it is much more faster in delivering results. A SEO campaign usually depends on organic traffic, and might take months to deliver considerable results. But when you take help from a PPC service provider in India, you can see the difference almost immediately, as it is much more targeted.
  • Can be Measured: With PPC, you can monitor and measure your ROI almost realtime, as there are comprehensive and meaningful dashboards available for same. You can make decisions and make adjustments according to it.
  • Can be customized based on target audience: You can customize your whole PPC campaign to target geographical demographics like locations, languages, age or even the devices which users can use. This ensures better conversion rates and success of the whole campaign.
  • Cost Effective: You are billed usually only for the number of clicks or the amount of traffic generated to your website, as simple as that. This has proven to be a boon for many small businesses, who want to achieve more from their marketing campaigns, but can’t due to budget issues.
  • Basics can be learnt by anyone: Whether you have hired a PPC service provider in India or not, you can learn from tons of free courses and tutorials available online to increase your knowledge and be more involved in your campaigns while working with your service provider.
PPC form of advertising has been fruitful over time for many B2B, B2C and other smaller companies who are not the big players in the market. Shiv TechnoLabs (STL), one of the fastest growing Digital marketing agencies in India, have the best portfolios in handling many customer’s PPC marketing campaigns, with proven track record. If your looking to start your own PPC campaign for your business or want more information, you should contact STL right away.