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Optimize the UI-UX of any Mobile App using these Tips

Mobile App’s UI (User Interface) and its UX (User Experience) has become the talk of the town, as in today’s competitive market of applications, each brand or business or a gaming company wants to stand out by providing its users a unique UI/UX. Many top Game design company in India have started to focus and prioritize on their app’s UI/UX concept during development itself, and have started implementing it seriously.

 What is User Experience (UX)?

For those of you still wondering about this term, a smaller description of it can be - the perception of the usability of your app, that the user is presented with, when they use it. The better the UX of your app, the more is the satisfaction level of your users, which means better user base - so invest in a Mobile UI design company for your app wisely.


Make sure your Mobile UI design company is ready for debates on the UI/UX of your application right from the beginning - its merits/demerits, technological feasibility and its relevance throughout the whole application should be discussed. Below are some of the important factors that should be considered while designing the UI/UX of any mobile application:
  • All the parties involved in Development should be thorough with it: As discussed earlier, the decision on UI/UX of an app should be taken right from the beginning of the development process and should be discussed at every point. In this way, every team that is involved would have its own suggestions/recommendation which is quite necessary for the overall growth of the app.
  • The UI/UX once finalized, shouldn’t be changed until the app/game is developed: Taking example of a game, how many times did you come across inconsistent UIs for its different screens, while playing top-rated or top-grossing apps? It is a deal-breaker for many users, so a consistent UI should be on top of your mind and any Game design company in India should agree to it.
  • Keeping the design User-friendly, not development friendly: While designing the app, user habits or designs should always be kept in mind. Sliding fingers across the screen in a certain way, or placement of the navigation button at convenient locations are few of the habits that should be considered. Development team might face many challenges while designing it, but the app is for Users, not developers!!!
  • The current design should be flexible enough to accommodate new UI/UX: Any new UI/UX Design should be easily accommodated inside the existing design, both before and after the app is released. Your Mobile UI design company should be ready for facing any new challenges that might occur due to it, and this fact should be discussed beforehand for sure to avoid any future hassles.
You should always think on above points while developing a mobile app, because having a good and user friendly UI and UX is not optional these days - it is a necessity. In case you have a gaming app or want to develop one for your idea, you can reach out to Shiv TechnoLabs, one of the fastest growing Game design company in India.