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Reasons you Need Automation Testers for your Product

If you are a small-scale Software Developer/Firm who is just on the verge of releasing nextbuild/version of your productand who is dependent on a set of Manual Testers to approve it before the release, then this article is just for you. You’ll find out how STL, one of the growing Automation Testing Providers in India can help you solve this Testing process puzzle. Read along.

Many small software business owners avail the services of Functional Testing Service Providers in India, where a bunch of test engineers run pre-defined scripts manually on your product. If you are one of them, you must have realized how time-consuming it can be and you still might end up with Production bugs. This is a normal scenario in every Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), as we are dealing here with Human Interventions and they are bound to make mistakes!!!


On the other hand, if you have already subscribed for any of the Automation Testing Providers from India, there is no-doubt how much you would have appreciated their efforts in making your product almost bug-free. There are various advantages of choosing Automation Testing as part of STLC, which are:

  • Saves you Time and Money: Any source code change requires rigorous unit and integration testing at depth. When you try to achieve it by manual testing, there is un-deniable fact that it would take time. As it is said, Time means Money – which is where automation testing can help you to save big time.
  • Delivers Accurate Results: Automation test scripts almost requires negligible Human Intervention while execution – which is a big factor to deliver Reliable and Accurate results. We can bet any of your Functional Testing Service Providers in India can deliver the test results with such accuracy as compared to Automation Testing. 


  • Improves Testing Performance: Functional testing is very tedious. When you use Automation Test Scripts you remove that tediousness – this helps the management teams to attain a peace of mind so that better Product level decisions could be taken.
  • In-Depth Coverage of Test Scenarios: With Manual testing approach, there are chances that a tester might miss out on certain critical scenarios or doesn’t have the capability to test. Classic example of this is Load Testing for Web-Applications, where we require to simulate hundreds or thousands of users who are using it real-time. This task is literally impossible for a team of Manual Testers.
  • Automation scripts can be re-used at will: Whether it is Regression or Unit testing, or whether the Tester is available or not –automation scripts once created can be re-used by any one having testing knowledge and at any point of the Testing Cycle. 


There have been many mis-conceptions floating around the market which states that Automation testing is meant only for big enterprises developing and implementing large scale software products, which is not true. Automation testing can be applied and implemented with similar easeat any small scale or single product company as well.

If you are still in a dilemma as to which testing strategies to adopt as part of your STLC, you can contact Shiv Technolabs, one of the leading Automation Testing Service Providers in India as well as one of the best Functional Testing Service Providers in India, specializing in implementing testing solutions for small scale software businesses.