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Pay-Per-Click advertising - These businesses should invest in it right away

Many Digital Marketing Company in India strictly relies upon Content marketing along with SEO for driving traffic to a website. While this looks quite impressive on paper, but the reality is - in case you have invested in a bad or ‘under-performing’ company providing SEO services in India, driving traffic to your website can take years!!!

That’s where Pay-per-Click advertising comes into picture. In this advertising model, in simple terms, you buy visits to your website - and you pay each time one of your ad is clicked. This means that traffic is driven ‘in-organically’ to your website, when you invest in a company providing PPC services in India.

In this article, we discuss which businesses should invest heavily and strategically in PPC model, rather than depending and waiting for a provider company offering SEO services in India to show its magic. Read along.


  • Businesses offering professional services, like Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists, Engineers, etc: Professional services have a very high margin of revenue - and that’s the reason businesses of these professions should seriously consider taking help from a provider of PPC services in India. The advertising investment would be much smaller in comparison to the overall revenue.
  • Businesses offering Educational certifications/degrees: A degree or certification is a life-time investment by an individual and is often a hefty one, and if you own a business offering it, you should know the revenue margins it generates. Hence you should invest in PPC model too, along with the other marketing strategies like subscribing to SEO services in India.
  • Businesses offering Entertainment on subscription based model: Cable operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should take help from a Digital Marketing Company in India for implementing PPC model for their subscription based services like TV shows/clips/movies, etc.


  • Businesses offering to sell online utility products: Online businesses who sell consumer utility products like Home Appliances, Electronic items, furnitures, etc. should definitely opt-in for PPC services, as e-Commerce market is on a rise nowadays.
  • Businesses offering unusual/hard-to-find/vanity products: Products like ‘Customized Dog Collar bones’ is a vanity item - not everyone wants it and similarly, not everyone sells it. If you are one such business, you should not overlook the advantages of PPC model, as you seriously require traffic to your page, owing to the ‘scarce’ product/services you sell.
  • Businesses offering services based on local events/happenings: Florists or Wedding planners for example,are some of the businesses of this type for whom investing in PPC services in India can be really very fruitful  as these business deal with mostly urgent deliveries and people searching for these businesses for last moment purchases is quite common.


Shiv Technolabs is one of the leading Digital Marketing Company in India which specializes in PPC advertising, having proven work and client satisfaction required. If you are one of the above listed business and looking to implement the PPC model for your business, you should definitely contact us for queries and quotes.