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Points to consider in Graphic Designing while enhancing your websites

Are you a business owner already having your online presence in terms of a website, or, are you still looking out for a Graphics Designer in India to help you design and create your website? Then this article is for you.
Switching from your existing design is quite difficult, because of site owner’s lack of domain knowledge about websites and its technicalities, as there are chances that your existing functionalities might not work or you end up losing your favorite design which you loved the most because the web designing company changed it !!!

Below are some of the page design ideas, that should be considered every time a website is designed, so that your websites is more appealing and contextual for the visitors:

The Blog Page

This is a must have page or section in your website, which can be used by you to spread out your ideas and thinking’s in a more precise manner, than the content of your website. Other pages have dependencies on the content quality and length constraints - but the blog section is where you can directly connect to your visitors and share posts, images and links, so that they are more aware about your services and products. But don’t forget to update it regularly with meaningful and strong content, once started.

A FAQ Page

Not considering a FAQ page to design is the most common mistake done by Graphics Designers in India. Your visitors, once stuck or in case of confusion, should have a way out where they can find solutions for your questions. You should gather all the most commonly asked questions that can be asked by a potential customer/visitor, while they are thinking to invest in your services or products.

A Testimonial/Review section

What better validation to your services/products can be done when an existing client praises you on your website itself? It might be a small section, but holds true value. Placing this section is important too for more visibility, which any web designing company can take care for you. Many times new or potential customers tend to contact the persons/firms listed under your testimonial section - so keep in mind to upload genuine quotes and contact information of your clients, because if it is not, it could be of great harm to your existing brand or business.

The Sitemap

Other most ignored section in websites of small businesses is the Site Map section. It might not be so informative for your visitors, but it is really important if you want your site to be search engine optimized. The search engine uses the information on your page to index and rank your websites in search results, which is directly proportional to the number of visitors you get on your website.
Above pages should go with every web design of yours, so that the visitors have a clear idea about the content. Don’t forget to discuss these tips with your web designing company too, so that you have better control over the whole designing process.