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Need a new look and feel of your Website? Custom Web Development is the answer!!!

In this fast pacing IT industry, it is very important to keep up to global design and technology trends. If you built your website, say maybe before 5 years, then you should consider re-building your website from scratch. For the design, you should consult a UI-UX design company. But ifyou are looking at complete technology change in which your website is written, you should consider Shiv Technolabs, a Custom Web Development company in India.


Many of the website owners are under the impression that switching to a Drag & Drop website builder will do the trick for them – thinking that they have full controls over the customization which is not correct completely. You need a custom UI-UX design company if you want to stand out as part of your business strategy.

If you are looking for Custom Web Development in India, but are still skepticalabout it, we provide you top 5 reason to consult professionals instead of taking up things in your hand. Read along.

·         You have full controls over your website: Online web tools might give you instant results in terms of ready made pages/logos, etc., but you can’t have customizations on the specific locations you are looking at. Building a Custom Website helps you decide where’s your stuff at, how it’ll look and what not to present to your viewers.

·         You get value for your money: Though you would be spending more, but you’ll get many functionalities which helps you take control of your website and its content management. Features like Analytics dashboard, custom widgets and plug-ins, digital marketing tools and many more advanced stuffs which are helpful on day to day basis. If you are looking for Custom Web Development in India, you can contact us, STL who are one of the leaders in custom web development.

·         Technical Support: Though online website building tools might offer you support as well, but those are mostly Functional (i.e.helps you on most of the ‘How-To’) but won’t be helpful if you are looking to solve a technical issue related to a backend integration.

·         Technological Freedom: You are already aware that using ASP.NET technology will provide you certain edge over the functionalities you offer to your clients, but because you have used an online tool for your website, you are stuck with using only specific server- side technology, say PHP. Custom web development solves this problem, and you always have the liberty to switch to a better technology in future if need be.


·         The Brand Value via the User Experience: We all know that if you want to speak to your users using your website only, you need a UX such that it displays and portrays your brand value. For example, while your website loads, you can display a nice Quote related to your business or how you value your customer’s time. Such level of designing can only be achieved by a custom UI-UX design company, who can think and innovate at such levels.

Another point to remember is the cost. Always keep in mind about the hosting services, the design, the domain name purchase, along with the development cost if you are thinking about availing services of a web development company.


If you still have doubts, contact Shiv Technolabs, and we would be happy to help you.