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Reasons to switch to a WordPress powered website immediately

Whether you have availed the services of a web development company or have hired a freelance web developer from India, if you are looking to revamp your existing website or looking to develop a new one, then you must go for a WordPress development company in India.
Below listed are few of the reasons why investing in WordPress powered website is the need of the hour for you, and opting for the services of a web developer in India is the best decision that you will make. Read along.
  • Open Source: Open Source technologies are highly loved and appreciated across the developer community. The level of simplicity and flexibility that open source technologies offer is unmatched - and that too at almost negligible costs. This also means that you always have a wide-array of developers available through a WordPress Development Company in India, and any customization that you expect in your current website can easily be accommodated without paying hefty prices for new development.
  • Your Website’s security features are always up-to-date: It is a known fact that websites nowadays are prone to cyber attacks, which are mostly attracted by the vulnerabilities and loop holes lying unnoticed within your Operating system or the Firmware itself. And by the time you or authorities notice it, considerable damage might have been done. Also your manual intervention might be required too, causing further delays in mitigation. WordPress on the other hand has automated the way of dealing with this, and updates your website with any new security package or patches without you even noticing!!! The website automatically refreshes in backend real-time, and this is the reason you should invest in a WordPress Development Company in India now for getting your website developed.
  • SEO friendly: You probably must be aware about Search engine optimization of your website - the most important factor to boost your page's search rankings. It is very critical for your marketing campaigns and can be directly linked to the Sales conversion of your business. WordPress solves this problem for you, as it comes with numerous packages and plugins which can be implemented to your current website, by taking help from any Web Developer in India or by doing it yourself.
  • Incorporating a blog section is easy: Blogs are a major tool for your website's promotion. If you are still not investing in your time and resources to write a blog, then you are lagging behind most of your competitors, in terms of promotion. WordPress on the other hand, has ready to install Blog feature - which is both easy to implement and operate.
  • Development Standards of WordPress are uniform across the globe: In case you need to switch to another web development company for your current website, you should not worry about any code conversions, as developers across the globe are well aware about the WordPress standards. Also in case another developer needs to solve or take a look into current code, he/she would be able to work easily.
Shiv TechnoLabs is a Web Development Company based in India specializing in WordPress development. Kindly contact us for all your queries, and we would be happy to assist you.