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Invest in a good QA team to improve your overall UAT process

UAT (User Acceptance Testing) is a process of testing the final product or application in ‘real-world’ or with the actual end users who are going to use it - so that development and management team can get appropriate feedbacks and work on any improvement, if required. That’s why it is the most important part of any Software Development Life Cycle.
The UAT is one of the last ‘defensive’ effort by the software QA team on any product or application, before releasing it to clients or end users. This statement truly explains the criticality of investing in a good functional testing company in India, so that your development team minimises the chances of major bugs going out in Production environment. It is a known fact that smaller companies and firms have incurred significant business losses, post release of their untested products, as it takes huge toll on development to fix defects in an already live module. Take help of a manual testing company in India now, if you are a growing company and can’t afford a full-fledged in-house QA team.
A manual testing company in India usually provides below set of services to its clients, which normally are standard set of services if we talk about companies providing QA services in India. These are:
  • Setting up the test environment: This is the first step before beginning the testing. In order to mock client’s/user’s environment. All the necessary configurations are done during this phase, along with installation of testing related tools, in order to capture the test results.
  • Loading Data sets: Before testing, there must be a clear understanding of the data types and fields that needs to incorporated, so that the system can be loaded with appropriate dummy data for a ‘more-real’ testing experience.
  • Test Case Development: After having a clear understanding on software’s/products’s user workflows, a functional testing company in India works on test case development, based on which the entire testing is carried out.
  • Documentation and Trainings: Appropriate trainings to business users is provided in order to acclimatize them to execute the developed test cases and logging of bugs for their development team.
  • Performing Regression Testing: Regression testing of the already developed UAT test cases is performed when a new major build is released, and appropriate logging of bugs is done.
Though most of the companies have their own in house QA team to take care of their software testing processes - but not many companies can afford the same, especially the small ones having budget and resource constraints. For them, there are many good software consultant companies providing QA services in India, along with many specialized Functional and Manual Testing companies in India, like Shiv TechnoLabs (STL).
We at STL understand our customer’s needs and their project requirements, and provide customized solutions to all their Testing related problems. We have a highly qualified team of project managers and testers providing the best QA services in India, that too at competitive prices. Contact us today for a free quote.