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The Changing worlds of Game and Web Development have you kept up with the pace?

With Microsoft introducing its latest ‘Edge’ browser to the introduction of new Gaming Engines like ‘Unreal Engine 4’ and ‘Corona SDK’, we can only conclude one thing that – ‘Change is Inevitable’.

What worked previously for the leaders and Best Mobile Game Development Company across the globe (example Unity) may not be so fruitful now as they opt for new and performance driven engines. Similarly, in the web sphere, many Responsive Web design Company in India alone along with other global leaders, have now started to support the ‘Edge’ browser rapidly in comparison to its predecessor - Internet Explorer (IE).

If you own a Website or have a Gaming App published on mobile app stores, you should always try to retrospect and act – whether your product complies with the above two discussed booming standards in their respective spheres. Read Along.

Mobile Game Development – Introduction of new tools and engines

Gone are the days when development only occurred on one popular engine, i.e. Unity. With time many new and advanced Gaming engines have been introduced, giving developers more scope on creativity as well as ease of development. If you are not a developer, and own a Gaming app and want to know how rebuilding your App around a new Engine can boost your App’s performance and save you money, do contact Shiv Technolabs, one of the Best Mobile Game Development Company in Ahmedabad.

Some of the popular engines prevalent in market are:

  •  Unreal Engine 4 – Developed by Epic Games, it delivers top-notch graphics. Can be used for both complex and simple game apps.
  •  Corona SDK – Developed by Corona Labs, this engine has been adopted by around 0.3 million developers!!! The ease with which it supports 2D gaming, it has become a popular engine among both Android and I-phone Game developers.
  • Project Anarchy – Developed by Havoc, it focuses on Mobile devices only. It supports a variety of development tools, and goes along with Android, Tizen and iOS.

Above are just the first rated Engines – but there are lots more. If you come across any company listing themselves as Best Mobile Game Development Company and still doesn’t support the above engines, don’t believe them!!!

Responsive Web Design – why it is required?

With the rise in usage of Mobile devices across the globe, business owners and web designers have encountered a daunting task ahead – to make their web content responsive across all devices.

A Responsive web content delivers the users a hassle free and smooth viewing experience – where the content and images are automatically re-sized to the screen size you are on. This is very important point in user-engagement nowadays, especially websites built for the domains like ecommerce.

Always remember, the ‘Responsiveness’ must be across all the browsers and across all the Operating Systems. With Google now giving more importance to mobile friendly web pages in its Page-Rank algorithm, it has become very important nowadays to adapt it.

If you still are following the old industry standards, and your website is still not compatible across various hosts, you can contact Shiv Technolabs, one of the leading companies handling the Web design Company in India.

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