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PHP - one stop solution for all your Web Development needs

PHP is a scripting language, which has gained tremendous popularity over the years as a leading back end technology for over 83% of web services and websites across world wide web. If Facebook and Wikipedia can show confidence in it, you can too - and Web Development Companies in India are recommending it not only because it is famous, but because of it's ease of implementation and scalability.

Below are some of the reasons as to why investing in a PHP development company in India or, hiring a freelance Laravel Developer from India is recommended in case you are planning to develop a new website for your business or looking to re-structure the existing one.

  • PHP is Free and Open Source: One of the major advantage of implementing PHP is its open source nature - which helps both clients and web development companies in India reduce the overall project cost without compromising the quality of the product/project.
  • Development takes less time: PHP has a variety of frameworks available, which have been developed to serve businesses of specific types/industries. For eg., Laravel is a framework built specifically for e-commerce web sites. This directly helps in rapid application development, as no additional development is required for supporting basic modules of the functionalities. If you have developed your own e-commerce website by hiring a Laravel Developer from India, then only you might be able to relate better on this point.
  • Cross platform compatibility: PHP code is highly flexible - this means that if you need to migrate your existing code to any other DB or to support any other OS, you can just contact any PHP development company in India who can get your code deployed and implemented across various platforms with ease.
  • Globally Accepted and popular among developers: By this statement we imply that PHP's syntax is not only highly readable, but also it is one of the most acceptable scripting language across developer communities - meaning that transition of projects between various development teams can easily be done without any hassles.
  • Supported by almost every Hosting Providers on this planet: PHP's frameworks are supported by almost every hosting provider - this means that you don't need to spend any additional configuration related money on the hosting servers. Whether you have hired a freelance developer or invested in the services of any of the web development companies in India - you would always be charged almost similar for hosting services.

Recently, there have been many disputes within the developer communities, regarding PHP's future as a back end technology. But owing to its strong Open Source community, it is getting continuous upgrades and performance improvements to keep up with the industry standards. We at Shiv TechnoLabs, one of the fastest growing PHP development company in India, strongly recommend PHP to all our customers. STL has a bench strength of highly skilled Laravel Developers in India, to cater to all your PHP development related needs.

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