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The key to success for any Mobile application - App Maintenance

Having a mobile app already in market for your business is good - but how you handle and maintain the app is really the defining factor for the success of your business. You might have hired an iOS App Development Company for your iPhone application or an Android App Developer from India for your Android app development initially - but what after that? How do you handle any major OS update (like Android Oreo or iOS 11)? How are you planning to introduce a new feature or how do you keep up with any security and bug fixes that are required in your current app?
The answer to all the above questions is - through Mobile App Maintenance, where you hire the same Mobile App Development Company or the Developer again to help you. Generally any Android or iOS App Development Company would charge you in advance for same under maintenance fees, but still you need to understand why paying for such services is a boon for you and your business.


As an owner of a business app, you can’t just get it developed as a one time thing, and leave it aside. In order to get your user base intact and growing, your app should be able to adapt to any new technological changes to avoid any performance issue.
There are many - but some of the major key factors due to which your app might need an upgrade or changes are:
  • OS updates: Be it Android or iOS, your app should always be up to date with the latest OS versions. This not only ensures smooth experience for users, but also removes the chances of any underlying OS dependent bugs.
  • Programming Language library updates: You might have discussed about the programming language to be implemented with your Mobile App Development Company while initial development. But did you check whether with time, that language has received any major library updates which might improve the performance of your app substantially?
  • Hardware updates in existing devices: The best example to explain this point is - introduction of Iris scanner for locking/unlocking of phone and applications. Your apps must be compliant to such hardware changes.
  • Bugs reported by users: After the app is live in market, based on the severity of the bugs reported, you definitely need to fix them. This improves the overall quality and performance of the app. If your app is on iOS, then you should definitely take help from a iOS App Development Company, as iOS has very strict rules of terminating any buggy or obsolete app from its store.
If you don’t want your users to get annoyed when your app doesn’t work after an OS update or when they use it on any unsupported device, then you should definitely invest in the services of an experienced Mobile App Development Company like Shiv TechnoLabs, who have an array of experienced iOS and Android App Developers in India, to carry out all the required maintenance activities on your existing application. Do contact us with your queries and quotation requests.